We’ve reported on the latest developments in the wind energy industry in a big way, with updates that have detailed why offshore wind energy needs states to work together as well as what’s next in the Coast Guard’s shipbuilding plan. More recent news has highlighted why the Biden administration should provide a boost to offshore wind, and we’ll undoubtedly see further key developments in this sector over the coming weeks and months.

These updates and insights should be considered in terms of the bigger opportunities that are unfolding in the offshore wind energy industry as a whole, which is just one of the reasons that the Ports & Vessels Livestream Event is set to be such an important one. Starting at 9 a.m. Eastern Time on Jan. 19, attendees of this virtual event will hear from industry experts on the latest updates, trends, and projects in the offshore wind industry, all of which need to be considered as the industry and entire world changes and evolves right in front of our eyes.

Organized by the Business Network for Offshore Wind (BNOW), attendees will come away from the event with a keener understanding of how the billions of dollars of investment that is flowing into offshore wind energy will be utilized, which states have earmarked those dollars for investment in port developments, how the Jones Act will affect what these opportunities look like for stakeholders all across the industry, plus much more.

BNOW is organizing this event to fulfill its mission of providing education about offshore wind and supply chain development-related issues. Their efforts to bring together developers, policymakers and global experts that are dedicated to these topics further highlights the kind of value that attendees will get from being part of it. An ideal resource for people working in various maritime sectors, this event is set to define where and how such efforts in the wind industry can make a difference for countless individuals and organizations.

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