Marine Tech

Welcome to Marine Technology, a dedicated platform showcasing cutting-edge advancements in the subsea technology sector. The marine technology industry is rapidly evolving, pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible and redefining the underwater intervention market. With the emergence of new capabilities in remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), manned submersibles, and unmanned surface vehicles/unmanned undersea vehicles (USVs/UUVs), engineers and technical specialists now have exciting opportunities to further explore.

This platform will serve as the voice of industry experts, engineers, and technical specialists, through their own words and experiences. Through the sharing of ideas, and engaging in debates on current subsea issues, we can envision how future technologies positively impact stakeholders. This page serves as a centralized hub for these discussions, featuring company highlights, technological advancements, regulatory updates, and how each aligns with the rapid pace of innovation in this field.

WorkBoat is dedicated to fostering the growth of the subsea tech industry through the only publication exclusively devoted to covering the entire U.S. workboat market. Join us as we delve deeper into enabling technologies for diving, unmanned intervention, and remote sensing, driving forward technological development during these exciting times.