2023 Outboard Directory

The workboat world is embracing outboard engines today more than it has in the past. More patrol boats, support vessels, special military crew carriers and other boats that used to rely on small to mid-sized inboard diesels are moving to outboards. The 2023 Outboard Directory is an essential resource for anyone who wants a better understanding of the diesel outboard market.

The Directory contains vital outboard engine information from the biggest outboard engine manufacturers across the world.

The majority of the information here is available on the engine manufacturers’ homepages. But, we do all the research for you and put all that information in one place — the Outboard Engine Directory. Fill out the short from to the right to gain full access to this one-of-a-kind listing for the U.S. marine industry.

Ken Hocke

Ken Hocke has been the Senior Editor of WorkBoat since 1999. He was the associate editor of WorkBoat from 1997 to 1999. Prior to that, he was the editor of the Daily Shipping Guide, a transportation daily in New Orleans. He has written for other publications including The Times-Picayune. He graduated from Louisiana State University with an arts and sciences degree, with a concentration in English, in 1978.

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