2021-2022 WorkBoat Construction Survey

2021-2022 WorkBoat Construction Survey

The numbers have been crunched for WorkBoat’s 2021-2022 Construction Survey.

Each year the editors of WorkBoat Magazine and WorkBoat.com reach out to shipyards across the U.S. to find out what is in their yards and compile those numbers to create the Annual Construction Survey. This survey digs deep to uncover what boats have been contracted for, are under construction or have been recently delivered within the year. It is no easy task to give readers a bird's-eye view of shipyard construction over the past 12 months, however, our expert editorial team knows this survey is a crucial tool for readers when it comes to the state of the industry and the health of the market.

Fill out the short form to the right to download the full survey and get a snapshot of shipyard construction over the past 12 months.

Ken Hocke

Ken Hocke has been the Senior Editor of WorkBoat since 1999. He was the associate editor of WorkBoat from 1997 to 1999. Prior to that, he was the editor of the Daily Shipping Guide, a transportation daily in New Orleans. He has written for other publications including The Times-Picayune. He graduated from Louisiana State University with an arts and sciences degree, with a concentration in English, in 1978.

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