Get to know ZF's newest propulsion system products and services.

With unmatched expertise in powering the commercial boating industry, ZF excels at equipping vessels for peak performance. Constant innovation is a hallmark of ZF, keeping it at the forefront of marine propulsion development. Whether it’s a transmission, thruster or propulsion system, ZF products ensure boats run powerfully, efficiently and reliably. As ZF continues to lead the industry, here’s a look at some of its latest products and the customer service backing them.

W340 transmission

Launched earlier this year, ZF’s new W340 commercial craft transmission is specifically designed for workboats and commercial fishing vessels. Its cast-iron construction backs powerful features to ensure vessels perform flawlessly. It has a medium duty rating of 602 hp at 2,300 rpm for most gear ratios. For most ratios, the continuous duty rating is 508 hp at 2,100 rpm. It also comes standard with Supershift2 technology, ZF’s unique mechanical/hydraulic clutch control system which delivers quick, smooth-shift engagement and precise control of transmission output. The W340 features a robust design that withstands continuous duty. It is compatible with all types of engines and propulsion systems. Users will note its compact, space-saving design and appreciate its emergency ‘get home’ capability.

POD 4600 and 4900 Propulsion Systems

The POD 4600 system offers integrated propulsion and steering systems for large vessels of all types, with the latest pod-drive technology, complete with transmission, rudder system, and integrated gas exhaust system for ease of installation. It is designed for an input torque of 5.000 Nm with a maximum power of 1.700 hp at 2.450 rpm (0.527 kW/rpm Pleasure Duty, 0.342 kW/rmp Medium Duty). The integrated clutch and deeper reduction ratio (2,434) as well as the large pushing counter-rotating propellers (up to 38.5”), underline the attention ZF Marine has given to the propulsion efficiency of large vessels. It integrates the latest ZF control technology, TotalCommand, and the latest CAN-bus communication technology with the industry’s best multifunction control heads to accommodate up to six stations. DP0 (dynamic positioning) and joystick maneuvering are also available. The POD 4600 ensures unprecedented propulsion efficiency and easy maneuverability no matter what application. The POD 4600 integrates well with large commercial and government boats. More details.

The POD 4900 is currently in development, but will be released in the near future for engines with any engine power up to 1947 hp (1472 kW ).

AT Series Thrusters

ZF's AT Series thruster product line caters to the diverse needs of commercial vessels with a range of powerful and efficient thruster options. The recently launched AT 90 (shown) stands out for its impressive power output and ability to be customized for various applications, making it a highly flexible solution. Meanwhile, the AT 80 prioritizes robustness and space efficiency, ideal for vessels with tight engine room configurations. If optimized performance is your priority, the AT 50 delivers with its increased efficiency and bollard pull, translating to greater speed and maneuverability. ZF’s AT series can also be delivered as a hybrid system with an additional electric motor on the main (diesel) engine. As a result, less engine power is required during vessel operation. Other advantages are full electric sailing, dynamic positioning (DP), creeping in electric mode and FiFi mode (firefighting). And the innovation doesn't stop there – stay tuned for the upcoming release of the new AT 40 products, which promise to further expand ZF's thruster offerings.

ZF TotalCommand Control System

TotalCommand is a new propulsion control family of products with advanced functionalities to complement ZF’s industry-leading transmission technology, including improved clutch responsiveness, optimized control of proportional valves, and adaptive gear engagement. It provides captains with unprecedented control and precision with smooth shifting and seamless transitions between operating modes.

Unparalleled: ZF’s warranty program & customer service

ZF provides the longest and most flexible warranty options on the market, up to six years. This standard warranty window applies across the company’s full portfolio of transmissions and controls products. The extended warranty program is fully customizable, depending on the product and length of warranty requested, allowing customers to select the warranty option that best meets their needs and budget. Furthermore, all ZF products are supported by the company’s mobile service app, an expansive dealer support network, and a 24/7 sales and service hotline, 1-833-ZF-WRENCH. Customers can also benefit from the worldwide availability of spare parts through all the ZF service points in the global ZF network. Find a dealer closest to you on ZF’s Dealer Map.

Ongoing innovation

ZF has several hybrid-ready products available now to support the industry as it converts vessels to electric to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Keeping in line with its innovative mindset, later this year ZF will unveil an extension of its hybrid product line, which will include the release of a new electric direct drive variance product.

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