Senesco Marine LLC, North Kingston, R.I., has delivered a new articulated tug-barge (ATB) to Reinauer Transportation Companies LLC, Staten Island, N.Y.

The launch of the ATB — the 8,000-hp tug Bert Reinauer and 150,000-bbl. barge RTC 165 — marks the largest such ATB unit constructed in the northeast, Senesco said. An Intercon pin system connects the tug to the barge.

Senesco has upgraded the facilities and infrastructure needed to construct, launch and deliver the 515'4"x73'7"x41' barge. Senesco recently built and added a 200' drydock with 50' aprons and a 2,100-LT capacity to its repair yard. The drydock was used to transfer and launch the Bert Reinauer.

The ATB was built as an international SOLAS-class unit and incorporates the latest build technology and equipment design.

Main propulsion for the tug Bert Reinauer are provided by two 12-cylinder GE Tier 4-certified marine diesel engines. Four John Deere generators (including an emergency diesel generator) provide the tug’s electrical needs.

The tug’s navigation equipment includes an electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS), automatic radar plotting aid (ARPA) and fully-interfaced redundant navigational systems.

The RTC 165 is a grade “A” clean service barge and is authorized for international oil and chemical service, Senesco officials said. The barge is equipped with an electronic gauging system and Cargo Max loading system and has four independent segregated cargo systems that can load or discharge up to four products at the same time. The barge is outfitted with an independent vacuuming system for change of cargo, an independent ballast system contained in the double hull, and hydraulic 360° cranes for lifting.

No additional specs on the new ATB were released.

Reinauer purchased Senesco in 2006. Since 2005, Senesco has delivered 30 vessels to Reinauer, with two more 4,000-hp tugs slated for delivery later this year.

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