Conrad Deepwater South, Amelia, La., recently delivered the 361'x62'x24'6" Double Skin 510A, a 55,000-bbl. capacity asphalt barge, to Vane Brothers Co., Baltimore. The new barge, which has a 20' draft, was designed by Bristol Harbor Group, Bristol Harbor, R.I., and will operate out of Philadelphia.

"The 55,000 bbl. asphalt barge is a beautiful vessel and is a testament to the exceptional skills of our workforce,” Conrad vice president Dan Conrad said in a statement announcing the delivery.

Bristol Harbor Group Inc. (BHGI) was contracted by Conrad Industries to develop the design based on a previous proven hull design that BHGI had completed for Conrad in 2014. The new barge is certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) for oceans-fully manned trade.

The barge’s primary purpose is to transport asphalt and other heavy oils. It is equipped with a complete loading and discharging system in 10 tank compartments and includes a cargo thermal heating system with over eight miles of heating coil pipe. A thermal stress analysis, in accordance with ABS requirements, was developed to ensure hull structural stresses were acceptable.