Galveston, Texas-based Callan Marine staff, crew, and guests gathered recently to watch the dockside launch of its newest fleet asset, the 18", 194'x41' cutter suction dredge General Marshall.

The General Marshall was built by DSC Dredge LLC beginning at Poplarville, Mo., and later completed in Reserve, La. The new dredge was assembled and launched at the Kennedy Shipyard in Galveston, Texas.

With the 18” suction and discharge diameter, the General Marshall is equipped with a total of 3,005 hp and features advanced production automation and monitoring systems.

“This is the seventh dredge to join the Callan Marine fleet, with the General Arnold on the horizon,” John Sullivan, Callan’s CEO and managing principal. Said in a statement announcing the delivery. “Our commitment to the dredging industry continues to grow and by expanding our fleet assets, we stand ready to respond to the needs of our coastal waterways.”

The General Marshall will join the ranks of Callan Marine’s other dredges: the 32" General MacArthur, the 28" General Bradley, the 18" General Pershing, the 16" General Patton, the 12" General Eisenhower, and the 8" General Swing. The 32" CSD General Arnold is slated for launch in second quarter of 2023.

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