At Wabtec, we have a longstanding commitment to tackling the world’s biggest transportation challenges. Clean energy and sustainable transportation are undoubtedly among these and increasingly at the center of conversations with our marine and industrial customers who are working hard to drastically reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, cut down pollutants, and eliminate waste. Today’s environmental and climate challenges cannot be solved without substantial commitments and investments. Doing our part to address climate change in the transportation sector is at the center of our business strategy, and we are carefully balancing where the world is going and where we must lead. Our mission to succeed in these efforts is governed by core sustainability priorities and our purpose: to move and improve the world.

Wabtec is the only engine manufacturer supplying marine medium speed diesel engines that meet EPA Tier 4 and IMO Tier III emissions standards without requiring urea-based aftertreatment. This means lower operating cost, smaller footprint, lower system weight and easier installation and operation compared to engines with urea after treatment.

Wabtec’s advanced EGR technology limits the formation NOx in cylinder as opposed to removing NOx from the exhaust through an aftertreatment system. Our solution saves on operating expenses by avoiding additional operating cost from urea consumption, SCR catalyst replacements, and maintenance of the SCR system components.

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