Workskiff of Sedro Woolley, Wash., picked up its biggest Navy contract to date for up to 64 8-meter Surface Support Craft over five years. The new contract comes on the heels of six recently delivered Small Force Protection boats for the Navy. 

“We’ve now established a good track record with the Navy,” said Bryce Clark at Workskiff,  “starting with oil spill response boats and progressing to the Small Force Protection boats that we delivered last year. That is what pushed us forward in this bid process and allowed us to win this larger contract.”

The 26' aluminum hulls are powered by twin Evinrude 250-hp outboards and protected by a foam-and-air hybrid collars from Wing Inflatables. Topsides can vary from T-top open consoles to cabin variations. Sprint speed is 35 knots at full load, cruise speed is 25 knots at full load. 

The Navy’s intended uses include diver and swimmer support, vessel and equipment towing, and SEAL deliveries. 

Shockwave is supplying the shock-mitigating seating.

While RIB-like in appearance with their Wing collars, Workskiff is calling these boats “collared fast boats,” or CFBs. 

“Because people see RIB boats as being for military or law enforcement operations, by calling it a collared fast boat, it opens us up to not just military operations but to commercial applications and recreational applications as well for customers who are looking for those benefits from a collared boat,” said Clark, who shares management of the company with his father, Jeff. 

Clark said they’re confident the Navy will buy all 64 boats over the five years. 

“From our conversations with the Navy, we’re very confident they’re going to exercise the full capabilities of those options.”

— B. Buls