Electric marine technology company Vita Power announced the first San Francisco Bay Area delivery of its line of 100% electric commercial RIBs to Westpoint Harbor in Redwood City, Calif.

The 19’x9’x1.2’ aluminum-hulled electric SeaDog RIB will support the daily operations of the Westpoint Harbor marina. The boat is compatible with fast DC charging, and with a charge time of less than an hour, repower times suitable to the requirements of ports and marinas. The high performance electric motor produces 170 hp at 4,500 rpm on a 400V system.

The company states that the RIBs instant high torque allows for facilitated operability in complex maneuvers, with Vita proprietary responsive controls providing maximum towing and pushing force even at low RPM.

At the reduced speeds typical of port activity, the SeaDog offers up to 10 hours of continuous use capability, while DC supercharging allows for rapid top ups between shifts with a 20%-80% charge taking as little as 30 minutes.

"Westpoint Harbor is very pleased to receive the first SeaDog 100% electric boat to be delivered in the region. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, our marina has been at the forefront of technical advances in the recreational marina industry, and a leader in advancing the development and adoption of electric boats,” Mark Sanders, resident of Westpoint Harbor said in a prepared statement. “Westpoint Harbor installed one of the first E-boat "Superchargers" from Aqua superPower in 2023 and a second supercharger will begin operation this summer. The SeaDog rigid inflatable boat is amazingly powerful, agile in tight spaces and above all is silent and produces no airborne or waterborne pollution. This not only preserves the peacefulness of our environment, it makes for a perfect workboat for our harbor."  

In addition to the SeaDog, Vita also offers the 23.5’ Seal commercial RIB with an extended battery option.

Last fall, the company entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with SAFE Boats International to build zero emission patrol boat options. Together, they have adapted the SAFE Boats’ 23’ center console to be propelled by Vita Power’s V300 electric motor and battery package. Dubbed the 223e this concept provides a zero-emission solution for operators who are working long hours at lower speeds. 

The companies’ performance calculations with the 300-hp electric motor predicts the 223e will maintain an operational battery life of 10 hours at five knots, one hour at cruise speed, and capable of a 34 knot sprint speed. Utilizing a superPower charger from Vita's sister company, Aqua, the boat can recharge in one hour or less. Compared to an outboard-powered engine, the 223e is expected to save thousands in annual fuel and maintenance costs, according to a Vita Power statement.

Vita power states the 223e offers the work boat and patrol boat market a zero-emission option when long, high-speed runs are not required. SAFE Boats rendering.

The SAFE Boats 223e is available for immediate order with deliveries starting in late 2024.