I have a new and renewed abhorrence for the marine accident form.

The Coast Guard needs to have a national summit about form CG-2692  — Report of Marine Accident, Injury or Death. Let’s invite the major marine associations such as the PVAAWO,OMSA and others to the summit. I will host it, set it up, and make all the arrangements. All the Coast Guard has to do is show up in good faith and listen.

The USCG needs to engage in a project to redesign and redefine the 2692 form. The industry is confused, Coast Guard field units are confused, and the form is confusing. I think the name is a misnomer for what the Coast Guard wants from form 2692. If information is the goal, then let the industry and Coast Guard come up with a form that everyone wants instead of one that does not provide what everyone needs.

There are several issues that the USCG and federal government must solve before the Coast Guard gets the information it seeks. First, create a form that is not available to the public and the press. Second, change the name to something less inflammatory. The current form is old, definitions are antiquated, and it is not up to date with what is happening in the maritime industry.

A serious marine casualty may NOT necessarily be a serious marine incident or vice versa. The form infers that there is a major problem. That may NOT be so.

The Coast Guard needs to assemble their brightest officers and regulation writers and begin working on this difficult issue. This may even require a rule change. If so, I encourage them to do it. The workboat industry needs this form to be reviewed and redesigned.   

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