Fireboats of the U.S. 



A photographic collection 

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New from the editors of WorkBoat and is an ebook designed for commercial boat enthusiasts everywhere. This unique photographic collection of fireboats from around the United States is available free thanks to our sponsor Stang Industries Inc. Download now.      

This ebook is comprised of photos of iconic fireboats from around the U.S. that have appeared in WorkBoat and on The 21 fireboats chosen by the editors from different regions of the U.S. provides a glimpse of the different types of fire-response vessels built in recent years. From major platform fireboats to fast-responders, the ebook shows the diversity of fireboat designs. Basic information such as size, location, owner, builder and designer is provided for each boat. Fireboat enthusiasts will also find each boats’ pumping capacity and main propulsion. 



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Christopher Wheatley, Chicago  Port of Corpus Christi, Texas Patriot, Tampa 
  Christopher Wheatley, Chicago    Port of Corpus Christi, Texas    Patriot, Tampa  
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