SSI’s design software, ShipConstructor, was designed to streamline the shipbuilding process, offering a comprehensive suite of tools tailored specifically for naval architects, marine engineers, and shipbuilders.

At its core, ShipConstructor facilitates the creation of detailed 3D models of ships and offshore structures, enabling designers to visualize, analyze, and optimize every aspect of a vessel's design. The program's intuitive interface and robust functionality empower users to efficiently develop ship designs from concept to construction, saving time and reducing errors throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

One of the key features of ShipConstructor is its parametric modeling capabilities, which allow designers to easily modify and adapt ship designs to meet specific requirements or accommodate changes in project scope. This flexibility is essential in the dynamic and complex world of shipbuilding, where evolving design specifications and client preferences are common.

Additionally, the software offers advanced collision detection and interference checking tools, ensuring that all components of a ship's design fit together seamlessly and comply with regulatory standards. This helps to prevent costly rework and delays during the construction phase, ultimately improving project efficiency and profitability.

Another standout feature of the platform is its integration with other industry-standard software platforms, such as AutoCAD and Rhino. This interoperability allows designers to leverage existing data and collaborate more effectively with partners and stakeholders throughout the design and construction process.

ShipConstructor includes specialized modules for specific aspects of shipbuilding, such as structural design, outfitting, and piping systems. These modules provide detailed functionality tailored to the unique requirements of each discipline, enabling designers to create accurate and comprehensive models that reflect the intricacies of real-world ship construction.