Larsnes Mek Verksted shipyard, Larsnes, Norway, delivered the 168.3'x39.4', 1,350 gt. search and rescue vessel Life Support to EMERGENCY, an international, independent and neutral humanitarian organization, founded in Italy in 1994 to provide free surgical and medical assistance to the victims of war, landmines and poverty.

EMERGENCY promotes a culture of peace, solidarity and respect for human rights. It builds and manages its hospitals to ensure the best possible healthcare provision. Training of national staff is a vital component of EMERGENCY’s capacity building work, which is aimed at strengthening the healthcare systems of the countries where the organization operates — Belgium, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, UK, and the U.S.

The actual owner and manager of the boat, which has been operating in the central Mediterranean since December 2022, is Italy’s Prua Rossa SRL, Milano.

Rescue equipment includes a six-person DSB 39 IRB02 rescue boat, powered by a 25-hp outboard engine; two RIBs, and 16 liferafts that carry up to 25 people each.

The electronics suite is made up of a Furuno GP 80 GPS, GP 36 DGPS, NX-700 Navtex, SC50 satellite compass, FE-700 and FCV-611 echo sounders, 3 cm FR 2117 Apra radar and 10 cm FR 2137 S Apra radar. Other navigation and communication equipment includes a Skanti TRP1000 HF, TT3020Cog MF, and TT 3617A DSC; four Sailor VHF and TT-6110 Mini-C Terminal Satellite communications; three Sait SRH 50 portable VHF; four Entel UHF; Simrad GC80/85 gyro and AP 70 autopilot; Telchart El.Chart; Bergen Nautic BN35Pl magnetic compass; two Jotron Tron 40 S stk.sart; and SAAB R5 AIS.

On deck are a Dreggen folded jib crane — 10 metric tons at 46'. There is also a 5 metric ton Vestdavit PLR-15000 workboat davit.

Main propulsion comes from a pair of Anglo Belgium Corp. 6MDZC diesel engines, producing 1,800 hp at 1,000 rpm each. The mains connect to 4-bladed Scana Volda props through Scana Volda CP/54 ACG 450/PF565/1 marine gear. There are also twin Stamford HC.M734 F2 1,000 kW shaft generators.

For additional maneuverability, Life Support was fitted with a Brunvoll 710-hp bowthruster and a Brunvoll 400-hp stern thruster, two Scana Volda highlift rudders, and two Ulstein Tenfjord SR 622 steering gear.

There are accommodations for 33 — three one-bedroom cabins, four two-bedroom cabins, two three-bedroom cabins, one four-bedroom cabins, and two six-bedroom cabins.  

Tankage includes 216,357 gals. of fuel and 29, 587 gals. fresh water.