SeaRiver Maritime yesterday named the Eagle Bay, the second of its two new U.S.-flag crude oil tankers, at a ceremony at AkerPhiladelphia Shipyard.

The first-in-class vessel, constructed at the shipyard, incorporates the latest safety, navigation and engine room technologies and will begin supplying crude oil from Alaska North Slope to refineries along the U.S. west coast later this year. The 820' double hull Eagle Bay has capacity of 800,000 bbls. of oil.

In addition to double hulls for all cargo and fuel tanks, the Eagle Bay is equipped with leading technology for key systems, including main engine components and controls as well as fuel, lube oil and electrical systems to deliver energy efficiencies and better performance. SeaRiver consulted with independent specialists to complete an extensive evaluation of the vessel’s design, adhering to the same methodology used by the aerospace industry and the U.S. Department of Defense. The ship’s main engine and auxiliary systems will be energy efficient and generate lower air emissions than required by regulatory standards.

The first Liberty-class vessel, Liberty Bay, was delivered to SeaRiver in June 2014.

SeaRiver’s contract with Aker for two tankers, valued at $400 million, delivered a significant economic boost to the greater Philadelphia region where it generated employment and millions of dollars in revenue. When placed into service, the new tankers’ economic contributions will extend across the U.S. to Alaska, California and Washington as they begin to support oil production and refining operations. They will replace two existing double hull tankers.

“We are pleased to come together to bring the second Liberty-class vessel to life among our partners and distinguished guests here today,” said Steinar Nerbovik, Aker Philadelphia Shipyard President and CEO. “It’s another reminder of positive impact that domestic energy production has throughout the United States.”

 SeaRiver is the marine affiliate ofExxon Mobil Corp.