Shipbuilder Metal Shark will be showcasing an array of new products and technology at this year’s International Workboat Show in New Orleans.

“With the exponential growth of our company, capabilities and technology, we found ourselves with an abundance of genuinely newsworthy product to highlight at this show,” Josh Stickles, Metal Shark’s vice president of marketing, said in a statement announcing the debuts.

Perhaps most notably, Metal Shark has selected this year’s Workboat Show to give the public its first look at the U.S. Navy’s newest patrol boat, the “40 PB.”

“In 2016, the Navy’s PBX Industry Day was one of most talked-about events of the Workboat Show,” said Stickles. “At last year’s show, the award of the contract to Metal Shark following the Navy’s multi-year selection process had just been announced, and now a year later we will be showing off Hull 001, the first result of this significant contract. This will be the first public showing of our new, next-generation Defiant X patrol boat platform, which represents the latest evolution of our popular and proven monohull pilothouse series of vessels.”

On the technology front, Metal Shark is bringing a new 32-foot Defiant pilothouse vessel equipped with “Sharktech” autonomous technology developed in concert with autonomous technology developer L3 ASV.

“We sparked a tremendous amount of interest in our autonomous capabilities with the July debut of our Sharktech-equipped 38-foot Defiant at MACC in Baltimore,” said Stickles. “This is a different boat with those same advanced capabilities, but to make it even more noteworthy we’ve equipped it with a new propulsion system we are excited to help bring to market.”

Metal Shark has partnered with Cox Powertrain to bring the world’s highest-powered diesel outboard to military, government, and commercial markets.

Delivering 300 hp at the propeller, the CXO300 is the world’s highest power density diesel outboard engine and is set to revolutionize global markets, Metal Shark officials said. The four stroke V8 diesel CXO300 offers up to 25% more range compared to gasoline outboards and is designed to last up to three times longer. The engine combines the simplicity and economy of an outboard installation with greatly improved safety and reliability achieved by eliminating the need for highly volatile gasoline.

“Metal Shark is pleased to partner with Cox on the integration and introduction of these new, game-changing outboards,” said Metal Shark’s CEO Chris Allard. “Our law enforcement, and commercial clients worldwide have eagerly awaited the arrival of high powered diesel outboards and it’s an honor for us to help bring this new technology to market. Having worked with Cox for two years we are thoroughly impressed with the product, the company, and the vision.”

Metal Shark will be located in Hall E, booth 3381 at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. The 2018 International Workboat Show runs from November 28-30, 2018.

Metal Shark is a diversified shipbuilder specializing in the design and efficient high quality construction of welded aluminum and steel vessels from 16' to over 300' for defense, law enforcement, and commercial operators. Key customers include the U.S. Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, Army, foreign militaries, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, passenger vessel operators, pilot associations, towboat operators, and other clients worldwide. Metal Shark offers a broad portfolio of globally proven hull designs that may be fully customized thanks to 100% digital design and an in-house team of over 50 naval architects and maritime engineers.