Galveston, Texas-based Callan Marine recently christened its newest fleet asset, the 32", 278.4'x72'x16' cutter suction dredge General Arnold in Corpus Christi, Texas. General Arnold will begin work on phase four of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel Improvement Project, which plans to beneficially re-use all dredged material removed from the channel’s deepening and widening.

General Arnold was designed in-house and built by C&C Marine and Repair, Belle Chasse, La.  

Ships service power comes from four Wabtec 16V250MDC EPA Tier 4 engines, generating a combined 24,000 hp and utilizing exhaust gas recirculation technology to reduce emissions to sub-Tier 4 levels. The dredge has a maximum digging depth of 97'; however, in coastal dredging applications, the addition of an Idler Barge lengthens dredge ability to 500'.

Additional equipment includes one submersible pump with a 69" impeller powered by a 2,500-hp electric motor, two main deck pumps, each with an 84" impeller and each powered by a 6,000-hp electric motor, a cutter head powered by a submersible 2,500-hp electric motor, a Christmas tree anchoring system for offshore dredging applications, and diesel-electric operation utilizing EPA Tier 4 generators.

The dredge can hold 362,950 gals. of fuel, 46,873 gals. potable water, and 152,108 gals. fresh water. Additional oil capacities include 6,130 gal. lube oil, 2,870 gals. gear oil, and 6,320 dirty oil.

"The General Arnold demonstrates Callan Marine’s commitment to Gulf Coast dredging," said John Sullivan, CEO and managing principal of Callan Marine, in a prepared statement. "Callan Marine believes in the capital dredge market and the need for large cutter suction dredges to construct the nation’s largest capital improvement projects. We are continuing to grow our fleet with the latest technology and equipment, serving our clients with safety and integrity.”

The vessel accommodates 34 crew, with each stateroom equipped with a thermostat, head, and set of flatscreen TVs. Crew accommodations also include a workout room, crew lounge and daily laundry service.

Additional electronics include a Kronhe flow meter, an ITS density meter, and DSC VISION survey equipment.

The General Arnold joins Callan Marine’s existing fleet of dredges including the 32" General MacArthur, the 28" General Bradley, the 18" General Pershing, the 18" General Marshall, the 16" General Patton, the 12" General Eisenhower, and the 8" General Swing.

The dredge is ABS certified Maltese Cross A1 Barge.

Ben Hayden is a Maine resident who grew up in the shipyards of northern Massachusetts. He can be reached at (207) 842-5430 and [email protected].

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