Our new, patent pending CLEARLINE System uses electrochlorination technology to create an environment where barnacles, biofilm, algae and marine growth simply can’t live. With the CLEARLINE System, your pipes stay clean, strainers require less maintenance, and you’ll never have to acid descale again. Period! Your vessel’s A/C and cooling systems will not fail due to high pressure, low flow alarms caused by clogged pipes.

The ClearLine System includes two key components, the ClearLine Control Unit and the ClearCell. The Control Unit acts as the brain while the ClearLine is the heart and is plumbed into the raw-water lines. When seawater enters the ClearCell, it mixes with electrical current and a unique formula of earth metal oxides. This process generates a consistent, ultralow level of chlorine, similar to what you’d find in tap water. A secondary flow of chlorinated seawater runs back through the strainers to keep them clean longer. ClearLine provides a cost-effective way to permanently eradicate barnacles that is better for the vessel’s equipment and marine environment than descaling with acid-based cleaners.