The Simrad® R2009 and R3016 Radar control units are two dedicated radar displays for use with the award-winning Simrad Halo™ and Broadband Radar™ antenna solutions. The Simrad R2009 radar control features a 9-inch portrait display, while the Simrad R3016 boasts a 16-inch wide-screen display. Both systems use an intuitive control interface with the latest generation of digital tuning to allow for optimal situational awareness in the most adverse conditions. Outstanding target resolution is achieved using beam sharpening technology when paired with the Simrad Broadband 3G™/4G™ radomes or Halo™ Pulse Compression arrays.

The R2009 and R3016 radar control units are well suited for use as standalone dedicated radar stations. Commercial operators will appreciate the professional-grade interface and ease of installation, even in demanding retrofit applications. Fishing captains will notice the complementary design of the new Simrad S2009 and S2016 fishfinder range. Together, these innovative solutions add a significant dimension to the brand’s commercial portfolio for non-SOLAS workboat, patrol and fishing vessels.

The R2009 and R3016 are built to meet tough working environments with robust bracket- and flush-mount installation options and are IPX7 water-resistant from all sides. The radar control units are operated by an integrated keypad and rotary dial with direct-access buttons located along the side of the display providing no-nonsense control of on-screen menu options. This proven control system is extremely comforting in rough seas, while travelling at speed or when operating with gloves on.

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