FPT Industrial knows a thing or two about engineering efficiency. FPT marine engines offer the latest technology and innovation, low operating costs relating to fuel consumption and maintenance, and are designed to meet EPA emissions requirements when applicable.

FPT Industrial’s engines for commercial marine applications stand out for their superb quality, features, and versatility. They are engineered to provide continuous power and torque at low RPM to achieve higher levels of efficiency at sea and stand apart from the competition due to their lightweight design and power-to-weight ratio for easier installation and superior performance.  

The newest model in FPT’s marine engine lineup is its flagship C16 1000. Delivering up to 1000 HP (735 KW) with a 15.9 L displacement, and a dry weight of only 3,726 lbs (1,690 kg) this engine delivers a class-leading power-to-weight ratio of 0.59 HP/kg. Impressively, the C16 1000 is able to provide this power from the same footprint as our competitors’ 13 L engines.

To learn more about the C16 1000 engine, as well as the rest of our lineup, visit www.FPTIndustrial.com.

For sales in the United States, visit www.MSHS.com.