The Italian company Cimolai Technology Spa supplies special and customized equipment to be used in shipyards (boat production or refit), marinas and ports.




The company manufactures 100% Italian made products, taking care of the equipment’s engineering, the whole manufacture of the steel structures  and the development of the machines’ control software by means of qualified engineers and state-of-the-art technologies.

The wide range of the equipment supplied by Cimolai Technology includes several units for launching and dry-docking operations.

Among the latest achievements, the company can flaunt the supply of:

- n° 1 Mobile Boat Hoist 1000 ton for STP in Spain – which is the biggest unit in Europe,

- n° 1 Mobile Boat Hoist with a lifting capacity of 1120 ton for BSE MARITIME GROUP ASSETS PTY LTD, Australia – which is currently the biggest unit in the world,

- n° 1 Mobile Boat Hoist with a lifting capacity of 800 ton and hydraulically adjustable track for Pendennis Shipyard in U.K. ,

- n° 1 “CIMOLIFT” ship lifting platform 3300 ton for Palumbo SuperYachts in Ancona, Italy

The company has also just dispatched a 1280 ton mobile boat hoist which will be shortly assembled at Bayonne Drydock in New Jersey, USA, becoming the hugest unit ever manufactured up to-date.

Cimolai Technology provides after-sale assistance serving worldwide by means of a team of skilled technicians and tele-assistance service from its office in Italy. Moreover, the company has a well-stocked warehouse (i.e. pumps, reduction gears, wheels, winch hubs, slew-drives, etc.) so as to guarantee a short delivery time for the new ordered machines and a prompt availability of spare parts for the supplied equipment.