As data-driven solutions become the norm, Caterpillar delivers several connected technologies designed for engine and auxiliary monitoring for marine organizations at any level of digitization.

From core data to telematics to advanced analytics, each level of service is customizable — helping to identify potential issues, reduce fuel consumption, increase equipment reliability, decrease maintenance costs and maintain environmental compliance. This portfolio of digital solutions is enabled by Cat® Remote Fleet Vision and Cat Asset Intelligence for entire fleet monitoring.

“Caterpillar is in a unique position to go beyond being just a provider to becoming a true original equipment manufacturing (OEM) partner,” said Ashley McLaughlin, marketing and communications, digital and technology expert with Cat Marine. “We can provide services that enable Cat customers to leverage our expertise and drive their organization’s digital strategies.”

To facilitate the transition to digital, Caterpillar offers these solutions as a part of a Customer Value Agreement (CVA) or standard on new engine models.

To learn more about connectivity, visit the Cat Marine team at Booth #2801.