ZF Marine announced today the launch of the latest product in its azimuth thruster (AT) series, the ZF AT 90.

The new well-mounted, Z-drive thruster is compatible with a wide range of commercial vessels, supporting max power of 1,978 kW/2,651 hp, increasing the power and thrust capabilities of the AT series. 

Fully customizable to nearly any hull shape or vessel profile, the ZF AT 90 is designed to be one of the most flexible products on the market. It also supports auto-trolling. The combination with ThrusterCommand ensures precise and efficient propulsion control, ZF said. AT 90 thrusters will be commercially available starting in December.

The ZF AT 90 can be used as part of a hybrid or fully electric system, requiring reduced engine power during vessel operation, full electric sailing, dynamic positioning and slow cruising while in electric mode, and more, ZF said.

“Whether a client is operating vessels in the inland waterways or has tugboats, ferries or any number of specialty vessels, such as dredgers, the ZF AT 90 offers significant advantages,” ZF’s Walter Fienco, product manager, commercial thrusters, said in a statement. “In addition to this new product being adaptable to your vessel’s unique configuration, ZF offers competitive delivery speeds and low life-cycle costs.”