Expanding the range of craft which can use its outboards, Yamaha Marine has introduced four new engines across its premium and high-power ranges.

Improving on its 425-hp premium XTO outboard engine, Yamaha has launched the XTO 450 hp V8 and XTO 400 hp V8 to offer users increased acceleration and faster speeds. The new XTOs offer a new cowling design, sleek new graphics, enhanced user features and a superior power to weight ratio, making it an option for even more boats.

XTO stands for Xtreme Thrust Output, and these two technologically advanced direct injection 4-stroke outboards offer 300% more reverse thrust and achieve new levels of torque and speed. The natural aspiration of the XTO 450 hp and 400 hp V8 makes them ideal for powering larger boats, and the V8 configuration delivers enviable power across the rev range creating even more opportunities to use outboards to power ever larger and heavier vessels.

Designed to be used with Yamaha’s Helm Master EX boat control system, it’s now easier than ever to link the XTO 450 hp and 400 hp to the Helm Master EX boat control system. Helm Master EX opens up joystick control from anywhere on the boat and features AutoPilot, FishPoint and SetPoint position control technology.

The latest XTO models also feature an integrated Helm Master EX functioning propeller light and the outboards’ electric charging system had been upgraded. The high-output alternator system enables onboard batteries to charge more quickly, allowing users to run more electronics when at rest and without use of a generator.

Yamaha’s TotalTilt function makes tilting the engine a push button exercise, while the integrated tilt limit option enables the full tilt position to be set, ensuring it’s in the best position for each individual boat, preventing the possibility of cowling damage and keeping the engines in prime condition for longer.

A noise reduction silencer has also been added to promote quieter cruising at speed, while the in-water gear lubrication change system allows for on the water oil changing, making it quicker and easier to complete, saving on boat lifts and storage ashore, and valuable time spent on maintenance.

“At Yamaha, we have engineering excellence embedded in the very heart of everything we do, creating products that allow users to have memorable experiences out on the water while being reassured by our unrivalled reliability,” Matt Taylerson, Yamaha’s divisional manager, arketing said in a prepared statement. “We continuously strive to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of commercial and recreational users, and Yamaha’s new outboard engines represent another key step towards opening up outboard power for ever larger and heavier vessels and bringing cutting edge technology within reach for more customers.”

Benefitting from full in-house manufacture, Yamaha has improved and launched new versions of its popular high power 200 hp and 150 hp outboard engines, offering multiple options enhanced with top end tech, previously found exclusively in Yamaha’s premium engines. There are three versions of each engine model, and the host of technical enhancements makes the engines well suited to either single or twin installations, Yamaha officials said.

The 200 hp features a fuel efficient EFI system, making nanosecond calculations to ensure an optimum fuel and air mix are compressed for peak performance and efficiency, along with reliable cold starting. Owners will also benefit from a microprocessor ECU, clean-burn technology and variable camshaft timing to improve performance and efficiency, plus reducing emissions across the rpm range.  Both engines are 2.8 litre, 4-cylinder, DOHC for improved airflow to boost power and speed.

New features include the TotalTilt function with integrated tilt limit for effortless trailering and convenience when tilting, and integrated Digital Electric Steering (DES). Now built into the new versions of these models and benefitting from Yamaha’s engineering and reliability, DES offers boat owners a clear and spacious bilge. No pumps, hoses or controls units are needed for fluid filling and no special bleeder ports are required. As part of the Yamaha engine package, DES negates the need for a customer to purchase, and a dealer to install, a separate steering cylinder.  

Creating a continuous identity between the premium and high-power segments, the 200 hp and 150 hp both gain from fresh new styling and two color options, grey or pearlescent white, with the new cowling shape incorporating air intakes and side vents. Compatible with the latest LED lights, push start control, drive-by-wire throttles, the enhanced aesthetics of the 200 hp and 150 hp cover all touch points.