Recently, the two millionth NEF engine rolled off the production line at the FPT Industrial plant in Turin, Italy. Launched in 2000, the NEF series hit an important milestone.

The NEF series features lean design, modularity, efficiency and proven reliability, FPT said. With four- and six-cylinder configurations — with either structural or non-structural design — available in diesel and natural gas versions, displacements ranging from 3.9 to 6.7 liters, mechanical and electronic injection systems, and power outputs from 46 kW to 419 kW (62 hp 570 hp), the NEF series stands out for its versatility, with around 1,800 different versions available in total, said FPT.

The NEF series engines are used in all the main industrial applications including marine and power generation.

NEF series engines are also manufactured at FPT Industrial plants in Sete Lagoas, Brazil, and Cordoba, Argentina.

“Two million engines sounds an unbelievable figure,” Giorgio Ricci, FPT Industrial’s head of manufacturing, said in a statement. “But no record is out of reach when we leverage our heritage, skills, and innovative production processes.”