The Department of Energy has received an application from Louisiana LNG Energy to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) from a proposed LNG liquefaction plant to be located near mile marker 46 on the Lower Mississippi River.
Houston-based LLNG plans to export two million metric tons a year of LNG for 25 years from the proposed plant to be located downriver from the Port of New Orleans in Plaquemines Parish, La.

LLNG requests long-term, multi-contract authorization to export domestically produced LNG in a volume equivalent to approximately 103.4 Bcf/yr of natural gas (0.28 Bcf/d). Specifically, LLNG anticipates that the sources of natural gas will include Texas and Louisiana producing regions and the offshore gulf producing regions, but may include natural gas produced throughout the United States.

LLNG proposes to construct approximately 2.3 miles of 24" diameter natural gas pipeline. According to LLNG, the pipeline will interconnect with the High Point Gas Transmission interstate pipeline system located north of the proposed project. The company states that this pipeline interconnection will provide  LLNG access to approximately 1.4 Bcf/d of natural gas supplies from multiple supply basins, including four major interstate pipeline systems. 

Read the full notice in the Federal Register.