Harvey Gulf International Marine announced this week term contracts in both Mexico and Trinidad, along with the reflagging of two additional platform supply vessels — one 230' class and one 250' class PSVs into Mexico, both with contract commitments. The company also announced the signing of 547-day contracts for two 250' class Mexican flag vessels already in the country, and one 700-day contract for its DPS2 FSV, Harvey Clipper

“We, along with our partner, are continuing to build relationships in Mexico by delivering vessel services that are just so exemplary, compared to our competitors, that we are the go-to-guys now in Mexico,” Shane Guidry, Harvey Gulf’s CEO, said in a prepared statement. “Likewise, in 2021, we have extended our world-class safety and service in Trinidad by signing contracts for two 310-foot and one 290-foot platform supply vessels, thus allowing us to become the premier source for vessels that deliver operational and safety excellence in that area, as well.  We want to thank all of our employees who continue to allow Harvey to deliver the safest, most reliable service our customers can experience.”

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