In June 2022, the Navy sent 10 of its SeaArk Dauntless 34 (34'x12') pilot boats to Ukraine, helping to bolster the country’s naval presence in its war with Russia. A few of these high-speed patrol boats are now being utilized as part of Ukraine’s first river fleet division on the Dnipro River. 

The Dnipro River runs through the entire country of Ukraine from north to south and passes through major cities like Kyiv, Dnipro, and Zaporizhzhia. 

The SeaArk Dauntless 34 is a Ray Hunt design with a deep-V variable deadrise hull. The aluminum boat is one of the Navy Small Boats Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Boats. Often outfitted with Twin Cummins 380-hp diesel engines, the boat has a fuel capacity of 200 gals. and reaches maximum speeds of up to 40 knots. 

The boats are outfitted with three-point mounts for M2 Browning machine guns and MK19 40 mm automatic grenade launchers. According to a article, these grenade machine guns “can defend against rotary-wing aircraft, destroy lightly armored vehicles, fire on suspected enemy positions, and provide high-volume fire into an engagement area.”

The video below includes a Ukrainian naval captain discussing the vessel’s speed and maneuverability. 

Ben Hayden is a Maine resident who grew up in the shipyards of northern Massachusetts. He can be reached at (207) 842-5430 and [email protected].

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