An abandoned tugboat sank Monday morning in Seattle's Salmon Bay. The Seattle Fire Department and Coast Guard responded to the scene.

The vessel was unoccupied at the time and the vessel was void of any pollutants, the Coast Guard said. The tug was declared derelict in 2021, decommissioned, and all diesel and engine oil was removed from the vessel that year. 

At the time of sinking, there were two additional vessels tied to the tug. According to the Coast Guard, these vessels have been secured and do not present any hazard to marine traffic. 

Washington is one of five states that offers all three abandoned and derelict vessel (ADV) security measures, which include ADV program, ADV legislation, and ADV state funding. The other states that offer all three options are California, Mississippi, Oregon, and Texas.

The video below shows the tugboat the moment it went under.