Ingram Barge Company announced today that they will be building 20 tank barges in 2015 to meet growing demand for chemical shipments. While most of the company’s recent tank barges have come through acquisitions, this continued expansion in their barge fleet coincides with a 10-year plan that began in 2007 to build barges with Trinity Industries. With their building strategy, Ingram has been able to maintain their fleet size as barges reach retirement age. 

Over the past several years, inexpensive natural gas has increased domestic chemical production and demand for new tank barges. Ingram Barge’s CEO, Orrin Ingram, said the upcoming investment would provide more barges for the petrochemical industry throughout the inland river system. “The petrochemical industry remains strong and is one of our strategic areas for investment,” he said. “We’re building to replace retiring barges and to grow with our customers.”

Overall, Ingram has nearly 5,000 barges. Ingram has been involved in liquid barge transportation since the mid-1940s and also transports dry cargo such as coal, grain, fertilizers and steel.