Harley Marine Services, Seattle, has acquired certain offshore marine assets of Enterprise Marine Services LLC (EMS), a subsidiary of Enterprise Products Partners LP. 

The acquisition includes 10 barges and tugs: six double-hull petroleum barges and four tugboats. Harley Marine said it will also acquire the expertise and knowledge of current Enterprise employees associated with these assets to ease their transition into the Harley Marine fleet. Harley said the acquired assets would be used in current operations.

"Securing these assets supports our growth strategy and our focus on exceeding needs and expectations of our customers. The acquisition strengthens our market presence and allows us to grow with our customer's needs," Harley Franco, chairman and CEO of Harley Marine, said in a statement.

Harley Marine is a leading provider of marine transportation services in the U.S., including the transportation and storage of petroleum products, ship assist and escort, the transportation of general cargo and rescue towing. The company has operations along the West Coast (including Alaska) and U.S. Gulf, and in New York Harbor.