The Coast Guard, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) and the French Marine Casualty Investigation Authority (BEAmer) conducted an evidence review of recovered Titan submersible debris last week in Newport, R.I.

Investigators from the Coast Guard, NTSB, TSB and BEAmer were onsite to examine the collected evidence for their respective parallel safety investigations.

"This effort underscores the importance of international and interagency coordination in marine casualty investigations. Our partnerships with NTSB, TSB and the French Marine Casualty Investigation Authority enabled a thorough examination of the international incident, promoting safety and transparency,” said Jason Neubauer, Coast Guard chair for the Titan Marine Board of Investigation (MBI).

The MBI will continue its evidence analysis and witness interviews as part of the ongoing investigation, leading up to a public hearing that will address the tragedy.

Updates regarding the investigation will be posted on the Titan Submersible Marine Board of Investigation webpage:

To provide information that may assist the Coast Guard MBI, please email [email protected].