Sea Machines is the leader in pioneering autonomous control and advanced perception systems for the maritime industry. Founded in 2015, the company builds autonomous vessel software and systems, which increases the safety, efficiency and performance of ships, workboats and commercial vessels.

Sea Machines’ SM series of products, which include the SM300 and SM200, open a new era of vessel capability for marine operators. The SM series empowers boats to work better and stay on task without interruption from beginning to end of the job. The products can be installed aboard existing or new-build commercial vessels with ROI typically seen within a year.

Sea Machines adds the following new capabilities to commercial vessels:

SM300: Autonomous-command and remote-control system

  • Data-driven waypoint following and mission planning
  • Collaborative vessel operations
  • Search and survey pattern following
  • Remote vessel and payload control
  • Minimally manned and unmanned configurations
  • Obstacle detection and collision avoidance

SM200: Industrial-grade, remote-control system

  • Remote control of workboats, daughter craft and other vessels
  • Remote payload control

Contact Sea Machines to learn how you can increase your fleet’s capability, predictability and productivity, while simultaneously reducing at-sea risk and operational costs, with our commercially available autonomous-command and remote-control technology.