In late August the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga began its voyage to ESCO Marine in Brownsville, Texas, where her 59,000 tons of steel will be recycled. Signet Maritime Corp.’s 143'5"x50'x18' ABS-classed 10,000-hp offshore towing vessel Signet Warhorse III handled the Saratoga tow. The Signet Warhorse III has a bollard pull of 135 MT. The tow originated in Newport, R.I., and was headed for Brownsville, Texas. The voyage was expected to take more than three weeks at a speed of 6 knots, covering a total of 2,120 nautical miles. The tug’s nine-person crew departed Signet’s ocean transport base in Port Fourchon, La., on Aug. 5, completing a Major Project Risk Assessment (MPRA) upon arrival. As WorkBoat went to press, Signet Warhorse III was expected to arrive in Brownsville with the USS Saratoga in tow on Sept. 10.