Last year I blogged about Thanksgiving, and as the holiday approaches, it’s again time to take a moment to reflect and be thankful.

Get past all of your complaints and the ills of the country we constantly hear about from the talking heads on the news. Life isn't perfect or fair – sorry. But when you stop and think a minute, life is pretty good for most of us. Be mindful of those less fortunate.

Be thankful for your family and friends. They put up with you and are there when you really need them. Be thankful your hard work can return that love and respect.

Be thankful for being alive and living in the greatest country in the world. Presidential candidates moaning about the unhappy state of the U.S. have been hopelessly aground in Washington for way too long and just want to get elected. If they saw what you do, they'd see how great America is. Last I checked, not too many people were getting into tire tubes and floating away to flee our shores.

Be thankful for your health. The fact that the Coast Guard gives you a license means you are healthy. Why don't you stop by a Veteran’s Administration hospital and visit a vet? Both of you will be enriched.

Be thankful you have good and high paying jobs compared to the rest of U.S., and that you make honest money to provide for your families. The wheelhouse, deck, and engine room beat being trapped in an office cubicle (believe me).

Be thankful for the good men and women you sail alongside and a good boat under your feet. If you don't have this, maybe you should think about working for a good company that values you.

Be thankful for every safe transit and passage down the channels and under the bridges in fair weather or foul. Take a moment to think of those who have been lost at sea, especially the crew of the El Faro lost in Hurricane Joaquin. We've all prayed when in a tight spot and our prayers were answered. Thank you.

Be thankful for the food on your table – even if it is in the galley because you're standing the watch this holiday. It will be someone else’s turn next holiday.

There is much to be thankful for. Stop and think of these things and enjoy a happy life. I am thankful for each and every one of you.

Happy Thanksgiving, and sail safe.

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