VideoRay provides a variety of ROVs for all industries, including defense, civil inspection, first responders, nuclear energy, Oil and Gas, wind, hydroelectric, water management, science and research, aquaculture, shipping, salvage and broadcast.

The company’s Mission Specialist Defender (MSD), an ROV released in 2017, was designed for precision, adaptability, and performance. Its modular design and versatility make it a valuable tool for various underwater missions with a depth rating of 1000 meters, and the ability for 500 different configurations to meet your mission’s needs.

The Defender’s components operate on a single network, allowing seamless integration and customization for specific tasks. With seven thrusters, the Defender can maneuver in any direction, maintaining active pitch control. This agility is essential for complex interventions and inspections. The Defender’s configuration flexibility also enables mission-specific adaptations, allowing for the addition of third-party control and navigation software from Greensea Systems or Seebyte. Operators can tailor the ROV’s behavior and adapt it to specific mission requirements.  

The modular design allows companies to select specific tools that pair alongside the ROV, creating a customized solution for their underwater challenges.