Conrad Deepwater South, Amelia, La., has delivered the 403'x74'x32' ATB tank barge DS 801 to Vane Brothers Co., Baltimore. Designed by Bristol Harbor Group Inc. (BHGI), Bristol, R.I., the new 80,000-bbl. double-hull tank barge is ABS classed Maltese Cross A1, Unmanned, Unrestricted Oceans Service.

In 2015, BHGI was contracted by Conrad Industries Inc., Morgan City, La., to develop the barge based on a previous proven hull design that BHGI had completed for Conrad. The ATB barge is the first of three sister hulls to be delivered to Vane Brothers.

The new ATB barge was designed by Bristol Harbor Group of Rhode Island. Conrad Industries photo

The new ATB barge was designed by Bristol Harbor Group of Rhode Island. Conrad Industries photo

DS 801 is equipped with a complete loading and discharging system in 10 tank compartments and includes a cargo 10 MMBTU thermal heating system. A thermal stress analysis, in accordance with ABS requirements, was developed to ensure hull structural stresses were acceptable.

Ship’s service power comes from three John Deere 6135AFM85-powered generators, sparking 294 kW of electricity each. In addition, there is a John Deere 4045 95 kW genset aboard. The two cargo heaters are Vapor Power ONC-5937-AHK-50s.

For added maneuverability, there is an OmniThruster HT600 bowthruster. Conrad Orange Shipyard, Orange, Texas, recently delivered the 110'x38'x17' ATB tug, Assateague, to Vane Brothers to mate with the barge DS 801. Conrad Orange is building the other two tugs that mate to the ATB barges under construction at Conrad Deepwater South.


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