Rodi Marine Service, Lafayette, La., has signed a contract with Swiftships to build two additional 175'-class DP-2 fast supply vessels (FSVs) in support of its continued expansion into the oil and gas industry. The two additional vessels will be an extension of the two-boat order made by Rodi Marine in 2013.

Earlier this year Morgan City, La.-based Swiftships delivered Rodi Marine's first newbuild, the Riley Claire, a 180'x30'x13'6", 7,200-hp DP-2 FSV. It has capacity for 70 passengers and eight crew. Top speed is 33 knots light, fully loaded 25 knots. The Riley Claire was part of a two-boat order. The second vessel 180' FSV, the Mason G, is scheduled for delivery in January 2015. The four FSVs will add to Rodi's existing fleet. The two new vessels are scheduled to be ready for operation by early to mid-2016.

Swiftships' 175'-class FSV is an all welded aluminum vessel built in accordance with ABS regulations. This vessel is designed to transport personnel and supplies to and from offshore facilities.