Exail has been awarded a $2.2 million contract from the Coast Guard to replace outdated gyrocompass systems on the 175' WLM Keeper-class buoy tenders.

The 10-year contract includes the installation of Octans gyrocompasses and Netans navigation data distribution systems (NDDS).

The implementation of Exail's fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG) technology through the Octans gyrocompass is designed to enhance the navigation capabilities of the buoy tenders.

The Octans gyrocompass is designed to ensure the safety and accuracy of critical naval operations. Furthermore, the Netans data distribution system will facilitate the sharing of vital navigation information across various onboard systems.

The Keeper-class buoy tenders represent a new era in buoy tending and fulfill a range of essential Coast Guard missions, Exais said.

Ted Curley, president, and general manager of Exail, acknowledged the long-standing relationship between Exail and the Coast Guard, with over 100 Exail navigation systems already installed.

Exail's commitment to providing advanced and dependable navigation solutions is further demonstrated by the successful deployment of over 100 Octans gyrocompasses on the Coast Guard's 87' Marine Protector-class and 100' Island-class patrol boats, the company said.