Cedarville, Mich.-based Breezeswept and Kozma Welding are building a new 64'x26' aluminum barge for installing boat docks, building boathouses, island transportation along the Straits of Mackinaw between the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan and more.

The barge is being built with #5086 aluminum alloy, 3/8" bottoms and sides, ½" deck sheeting, and heavy #6061 structural framing. Dry hull weight will be 32 tons, with an estimated 8" to 10" draft (without payload).

An internal radio controlled Yanmar Tier 3 diesel power pack will operate hydraulic winches on drop spuds and the 20' bow ramp. Designed payload is 150 tons. Primary use is for dock building and island transports within the Les Cheneaux Islands.

The new barge will have a 36'x22' cargo deck, compressed air system for impact tools and a water system. Capacities include 400 gals. of fuel and 100-ton dredge spoils limit. There is also a Komatsu PC120 excavator with 35' reach.

Breezeswept bought a new 25'10"x12'3" Stanley Boats aluminum pushboat, the Vamuse, constructed of welded ¼" aluminum, with double wear plates as needed and a 30” draft to power the new barge.

The new barge will be powered by a new 25'10"x12'3" pushboat from Stanley Boats. Breezeswept photo

The new barge will be powered by a new 25'10"x12'3" pushboat from Stanley Boats. Breezeswept photo

The pushboat’s power comes from twin Volvo D4 diesel engines, producing 225 hp each. The Vamuse also features a raised cabin house and 9' wide bow drop ramp.

“Some ideas, like the recessed pushboat pocket, for our barge originated from your WorkBoat cover story of September 2015, of a larger barge,” said Breezeswept’s owner Bob Dunn.

The pushboat and barge combination will be able to carry up to 12 crew/construction workers and run up to 30 mph. The unit will be ready to go to work in August 2017.


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