The Shearer Group Inc. (TSGI) has announced the delivery of a 250’x54’x12’-6”, 23,000 bbl. tank barge built by Southwest Shipyard L.P., Houston. (The name of the owner was not disclosed.) Southwest Shipyard contracted TSGI to develop the design of the barge. The barges primary mission is to deliver jet fuel to support U.S. Navy assets.

The new barge was designed to ABS Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels for Service on Rivers and Intracoastal Waterways and applicable rules by the U.S. Coast Guard for barges Subchapter D and Subchapter O products on rivers. It features six cargo tanks, two S6B3-429BPU Tier III cargo pump engines, a reinforced ice framed bow, generator and HPU house, hydraulic cargo hose handling cranes, and an air conditioned tankerman’s shed.

The Shearer Group Inc. (TSGI) is the global leader for design of inland towboats, ferries, marine construction equipment and barges. The company has a history of providing naval architecture, marine engineering and marine surveying services to the marine industry, with a focus on the inland sector.