MetalCraft Marine US Inc., Cape Vincent, N.Y., recently delivered a 40'x11'6" fire, search and rescue vessel to the Tarrytown Fire Department, Tarrytown, N.Y. The aluminum Tarrytown VFD, with a 2' draft, is the first Interceptor-class fireboat built by the company.

“Based on a modular design concept, the overarching objective was to allow components of the design to be easily moved from one model to another or one size to another and can be reconfigured after the customer’s original use,” said Bob Clark, MetalCraft’s contracts manager. “The design has been in development for years and is meeting company objectives to design the greatest multi-role performance boat ever.”

MetalCraft saw a need for first responders to have a rapidly deployed boat that could be docked and "tailored" but be underway in seconds, not minutes.

Powered by twin Mercury Verado 350-hp outboards with 4-bladed stainless steel props, the new boat, with Mercury controls, reached speeds of 42 knots. “The Mercury outboards were hard to get,” said Clark. “Mercury ran out of engines this year by the first week of February. Mercury had a record in outboard sales but misread consumer demand for the Verado four strokes. Mercury used its dealer network search ability to find the engines across the U.S.”

Clark said the engines are hung outboard at the longest reach permitted by Mercury to give the craft "remarkable" control when pumping at full stream. “It is uncommon for outboard powered fireboats to be controllable when streaming a bow monitor, this is what MetalCraft was aiming for. You can’t put out the fire if can’t keep the water stream on it due to lack of control.”

The 16,000-lb.-dwt. vessel also sports a 14'x9' rear cargo deck, 250-gal. fuel capacity, and room for up to 22 crew and passengers. The boat is not trailer launched but is offered with a fast launch recovery system developed by MetalCraft in conjunction with trailer maker Boatmaster, Fort Myers, Fla. To compensate for trailing height and low bridge heights, MetalCraft developed a very fast system for a "hingeable" mast. “The mast can be lowered or raised by a single person in nine-10 seconds and is fully secure when up or down for trailering or running at speed underway,” said Clark. “The design is patent pending and is a simple resolution to what has been a problem for operators for years.”

The boat’s firefighting system includes a Darley pump and a KEM engine built on GM architecture. The bow monitor and valving are from Elkhart Brass. “The pump’s intake design is what MetalCraft is known for as it is readily accessible and provides an unobstructed water source that allows the pump to reach higher levels than it is rated for,” Clark said. “The Darley 1,500-gpm pump flowed just over 2,000 gpm at the NFPA rating of 150 psi.”

The multimission boat has a Wing Inflatables foam air collar, enhancing flotation and allowing the boat to come alongside any other vessel without causing damage, allowing the crew to come alongside more quickly in emergency situations.

The 10M Fast Attack Interceptor model was unveiled at the Multi-Agency Craft Conference (MACC). MetalCraft Marine US photo

The 10M Fast Attack Interceptor model was unveiled at the Multi-Agency Craft Conference (MACC). MetalCraft Marine US photo

Some of MetalCraft’s other projects include a new Interceptor IN-18M model and two 17M, 11M and 12M models, as well. The 10M Fast Attack Interceptor model was introduced at the Multi-Agency Craft Conference in Baltimore earlier this year.