Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG), Seattle, was involved in a unique project recently — a design update to a purpose-built 86’x25’ landing craft delivered in 2017. The Nordland II was originally designed by EBDG and built by Latitude Marine Services (LMS), La Conner, Wash., for San Juan Ferry & Barge.

EBDG again partnered with LMS to update the design of the Nordland II. EBDG provided design and production support services and conducted a post-construction stability test for the new vessel.

The landing craft re-entered service at the beginning of the year, providing freight transportation throughout the San Juan Islands.

"This design revision incorporated a midbody hull addition and refined pilothouse design to increase cargo space on the deck and make it easier to load large vehicles," Michael Complita, principal in charge at EBDG, said in a statement. The Nordland II is now 87'10"x25' with the midbody addition. The original cargo deck was 75’x23’.

The vessel's bow ramp allows for vehicles and heavy lift equipment to drive onto the deck from any beach access. Total capacity is 185,000 lbs., with a crane capacity of 4,500 lbs.

Propulsion comes from twin John Deere 6090 AFM 85 engines rated at 285 hp each at 2,100 rpm, turning 4-bladed stainless 34” propellers on 3” Aquamet 22 shafts through ZF W 325 gears.

On deck, a DMW Marine Group 95.45A3 knuckle boom crane has a load lifting range of 3,946 lbs. to 13.7’ and 1,631 lbs. to 30.5’. A Pullmaster winch operates the bow ramp.

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