GTT and its U.S. subsidiary GTT North America have signed an agreement with Conrad Shipyard for future production of LNG membrane tanks using GTT's technology.
The agreement initiates the process of training and preparing Morgan City, La.-based Conrad to offer GTT's membrane containment technologies for LNG storage, transportation and fuel tanks. The training process will include the construction of a membrane tank model to exhibit Conrad's manufacturing and installation expertise. The successful construction of the model tank will demonstrate to both regulatory agencies and classification societies the shipyard's skills and experience in the production of sophisticated membrane technologies.

This partnership demonstrates the continued commitment of GTT and Conrad to the development of the LNG fuel market in the U.S. Earlier in the year, Conrad and Bristol Harbor Group International (BHGI), a naval architecture and marine engineering firm, developed a concept design for a 4,200-cu.-m LNG bunker barge, adapting BHGI's 35,000-bbl. oil barge platform technology to include two LNG cargo tanks fitted with GTT's proprietary Mark III Flex Containment System technology. The use of GTT membrane cargo tanks increase LNG storage capacity by 40% compared to the alternative "type C" storage tanks in the same barge footprint.