Cenac Marine Services, Houma, La., christened its newest pushboat on July 29 and donated a barge to Terrebonne Parish at the same ceremony.

The 72’x30’x8’5” Quincey Cenac was build by Main Iron Works/Intracoastal Iron Works, which Cenac acquired in 2015. It joins Cenac’s fleet of 37 vessels and 69 barges.

Cenac caters primarily to oil companies and refineries, transporting crude oil, residual fuels, feedstocks, lubricants, petrochemicals, refined products and LPGs.

The donated 50’x25’x4’6” spud barge will be used by the parish to transport equipment required for local levee maintenance.

Christening the Quincey Cenac. Cenac Marine Services photo.

Christening the Quincey Cenac. Cenac Marine Services photo.

"Trying to preserve our heritage and our way of living has always occupied a special place in my heart,” said Arlen “Benny” Cenac, owner of Cenac Marine Services. “Our donation of this barge is just one more way to show Cenac’s commitment to protecting our parish. I am proud that we can play a small role in this overall effort. We will continue to look for ways to partner with government to ensure the future of this area is bright.”

"This barge will allow us to transfer heavy equipment, replacement parts, and personnel to our multiple ‘island’ levees that are only accessible by water,” said Reggie Dupre Jr., Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District director. “This generous donation will save us significant money on rental equipment and allow us to expedite repairs and maintenance on our own schedule.”

Terrebonne Parish President, Gordon E. Dove, echoed those sentiments.

“Levee protection and coastal restoration are my highest priorities for Terrebonne Parish,” Dove said. “Benny Cenac and Cenac Towing are showing what can be accomplished with private/public partnerships. I think I can speak for all the citizens of Terrebonne Parish, when I offer sincere and heartfelt thanks for this barge donation."