Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, Freeland, Wash., announced Lacey Greene is returning in mid-July as vice president for new construction sales, as the company marks its 60th year in shipbuilding.

“Lacey's deep-rooted connection to NBBB and sister company Everett Ship Repair (ESR), along with her extensive industry experience make her the perfect candidate to lead NBBB and ESR into a new era of innovation and growth,” the company said in a June 27 anouncement.

"We are excited to welcome Lacey Greene back to our team as Vice President, New Construction Sales, said CEO Gavin Higgins. “Her career journey at NBBB and ESR is a testament to her dedication and passion for the industry. Lacey’s innovative approach and commitment to excellence will drive our growth and strengthen our position as a leader in shipbuilding."

Greene’s experience of shipbuilding began at a young age, growing up around the Nichols Brothers Boat Builders shipyard where her father worked for many years as NBBB built a diverse portfolio including fishing vessels, catamaran ferries, fireboats, tractor tugs and dinner boats.

As a second-generation shipbuilder Greene started her career 20 years ago on the NBBB labor crew during the build of the Seafighter, also known as the X-Craft, and the paddle-wheel cruise boat Empress of the North, now the American Empress. Greene worked her way up under the mentorship of Matt Nichols, a respected leader in the shipbuilding sector and a pioneer in the maritime industry.

During her 15-plus combined years at NBBB, Lacey was instrumental in the proposal development for numerous repair and new-build projects including Bowhead Transport landing craft, Lindblad Expeditions cruise boats, multiple passenger-only high-speed ferries and several tugs of various types.

"Lacey has been an integral part of our team for many years,’ said Matt Nichols,  “and as I announce my retirement, I am certain that her deep understanding of our operations and her vision for the future make her the ideal person to lead our new construction sales. I am confident that Lacey will restore the high standards and legacy of Nichols Brothers Boat Builders."


Greene’s “innovative approach and visionary leadership will be crucial in leveraging these advancements, ensuring that both shipyards remain at the forefront of the industry,” according to the announcement from Nichols Brothers. “With our dedicated and expert crew, both shipyards are well-positioned to continue serving the industry with unparalleled craftsmanship and service.”

"I am deeply honored to assume this pivotal role and continue the work that has been such a significant part of my life and career," said Greene. "Leading new construction sales at NBBB and ESR marks a significant milestone for me. I am eager to reconnect with our exceptional team, foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, and further enhance our reputation for unparalleled craftsmanship and excellence in the shipbuilding industry. As we bid farewell to Matt Nichols, I am inspired by the opportunity to build upon the strong foundation he has established."