On May 1, the National Maritime Center (NMC) will launch a centralized electronic delivery process (via e-mail) for license renewal examinations. This change provides mariners the ability to request, complete, and submit renewal examinations by e-mail and will help to maintain the flow of mariner credentials during the Covid-19 pandemic. Paper mailings will still be available upon request.Approval to test (ATT) letters for renewal examinations issued on or after May 1 will include directions on how to obtain an electronic examination, and the process will be outlined on the NMC Examinations Page website. Mariners who received an ATT letter and have not received their examination may follow the new e-mail process. Mariners who already received a hard-copy renewal examination should complete it as directed in the previously mailed correspondence.

Centralized electronic delivery process for renewal examinations:

1. ATT letter issued and mailed to the mariner by the NMC.

2. After receipt of the ATT letter, the mariner requests the exam at [email protected] or by contacting the NMC Customer Contact Center. If the examination fee is not paid, a copy of the Pay.Gov fee payment receipt must be provided with the request.

3. The NMC will e-mail the mariner a PDF copy of the examination module(s), a fillable answer sheet for each module, and directions for completing the process.

4. The mariner completes the answer sheet for each module and returns via e-mail in accordance with the directions. Mariners have the option to print and mail the answer sheets in accordance with the directions.

5. The NMC will receive the answer sheets, grade them, and notify the mariner of the results, including any retests or re-examinations required.

6. Mariners may be approved for both an original and renewal examination on one application. They may use the new e-mail process for the renewal examination only and must schedule exams for the original at a Regional Examination Center using existing processes.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding this new process, contact the NMC Customer Service Center by e-mailing [email protected], or by calling 1-888-IASKNMC (427-5662).