DMT Marine Equipment has signed a contract to deliver electric towing and anchor mooring winches, along with other deck fittings to fully equip two tugboats built by Louisiana-based Conrad Shipyard. The delivery of the equipment is scheduled for mid-2023.

“I am thrilled to work with Conrad Shipyard on this great project. It is a pleasure to team up with people like Jeremy Whipple and the rest of the team at Conrad. They know what it takes to build high-quality vessels and therefore set high standards for the equipment that comes onboard” says Sander van der Gulik, Account Manager at DMT Marine Equipment.

In the past 5 years since entering the U.S. market with the delivery of an electro-hydraulic winch for a great tug operator, DMT Marine Equipment has significantly increased its presence in the region. More than 20 projects were completed and over 120 pieces of equipment were produced and delivered to U.S. customers. High-quality customized winches, electric and hydraulic control systems, and various deck fittings, all made by DMT, are mounted onboard several American vessels. “The U.S. market is very important to our business as I see the enormous potential in it and how our great equipment responds to the needs of this market” states Piet ter Schure, CEO of DMT Marine Equipment.

But what makes DMT equipment stand out?

 “The key difference stands in the details such as calculation and traceability from end-to-end of each piece of material used in the production process. Also, the details regarding the precision in outlining and mounting in a clean and perfectly organized workshop, are of huge importance when we discuss the best quality. The tests that we perform in-house are, many times, witnessed by our customers to whom we provide complete transparency”, Piet adds.

DMT stays true to its principle of making “No concessions on quality”, by constantly investing in production capabilities, high-end technology machines, and most of all, quality human resources. To ensure prompt and professional feedback, as well as service assistance to its American customers, DMT partners with OBT International, a team of experts based in Louisiana.

“By following a lifelong learning strategy, we constantly improve our products and services, and therefore, we are always ready to offer new and efficient solutions to our customers and partners. We have become one of the most reliable suppliers of quality marine winches and naval equipment in the world”, concludes Sander van der Gulik, one of the main ‘culprits’ of the company’s success in the U.S.