Aberdeen, Scotland-based Seall, has secured a partnership with global marine electronics and service provider, Mackay Marine, to distribute Seall’s suite of innovative software solutions and products to the maritime industry, as they expand their worldwide footprint.

Mackay Marine, headquartered in North Carolina, USA, has 50 locations in 16 countries, making it Seall’s largest distribution partnership agreement to-date. Seall will work with Mackay to build and scale their offering across their network of partners and customers. Mackay Marine is a leading electronic equipment, satellite communications, and onboard service provider for marine, offshore, and land-mobile applications.

Seall engineers have internally designed a combination of robust software and products to enhance bridge navigation safety and efficiency via multi-overlay, interactive data display solutions. Seall’s ENC Kernal SDK is the core software platform that powers their ECS navigation software, the Passage Planner program, hardware/software TAB (tablet), and user-friendly ECDIS System. The ENC Kernal has been described as ‘the best technical solution in its field’.

This alignment is the latest of seven new distribution partnerships Seall has secured in the last six months. Previous geographies include Mexico, USA, Cyprus, The Netherlands, India, and Turkey. Access to more markets in Asia, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Canada, and Latin America will be achieved through the Mackay partnership.

Barry Booth, CCO of Seall stated, "This strategic partnership reflects our vision to scale the company by working collaboratively with a key partner in a broadened international market, while providing opportunities for future-proofing and refining Seall’s adaptive technology. This arrangement will enable us to expand into more demographics and help identify solutions that suit the needs of the industry, whilst adhering to compliance and regulations.”

Seall’s team of software and I.T. specialists’ usage of intuitive technology, simplifies and streamlines the way data is displayed, used, and shared from shore-to-ship-to-shore. Their ECDIS solution has been heralded as one of the simplest systems to operate on the market.

“Mackay looks forward to enhancing our portfolio with Seall’s innovative ECDIS/ECS solutions which can be distributed to a far wider selection of maritime & offshore industries,” commented Nick Pope, Managing Director Europe & South Africa and Mackay World Service.


SEALL brings its cutting-edge, innovative product line to the maritime market. With solutions that connect ship to shore, SEALL is now powering over 38,000 licensed products globally. 

SEALL was formed by current owners and directors Des Neill and Barry Booth to deliver to market the next generation of ECDIS solution, in response to the ECDIS 2012 IMO-mandate.

The vision is to make technology more accessible, driving efficiency and safety improvements in return. As a team of software specialists with experience across the maritime and IT sectors, we're in a privileged position. We can provide a unique insight into the challenges and pain-points of the maritime industry, with the technical expertise to resolve these.
More details at www.seallecdis.com

Mackay Communications, Inc., dba Mackay Marine, sells, installs, and services communication and navigation equipment onboard vessels of all class and size. In business for over 135 years, Mackay has 3,000+ customers on every continent, annually conducts 18,000+ service calls, employs 340 seasoned professionals from locations in more than 50 major ports.

Mackay’s certified technicians service leading electronics brands; provide “On-Demand” and “Contracted Maintenance” service, new-build & retrofit installation, diagnostics, periodic required inspections and class certification service; coordinated by Mackay World Service 24/7 for all ports, worldwide. Our goal is to keep vessels operating with costefficient equipment and timely service solutions. More details at: https://www.mackaymarine.com